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Was kind of "meh" about the egg...

But when it moved on to the other inanimate objects in the kitchen I laughed my ass off. Great way to subvert that PSA, the exaggerated faces were hilarious.

Good stuff.

Not bad at all. My only suggestion would be to move the "going over and falling of the cliff" one to second-to-last.

The whole concept of "if at first you don't succeed..." is kind of ruined when he makes it over on the second attempt. That way it's more of a "YES HE FINALLY..hahahah" moment.

The explosion however was a masterstroke.

Not too shabby.

What this could REALLY benefit from is some optimization. It dropped down to only one or two frames a second on my machine, which isn't a very old machine. If you go into File > Compact and Save it will cut your file size down a bit and make it run faster on export. Also you can go through your flash and on each keyframe go to Modify > Shape > Optimize Shape to get rid of unnecessary corners and lines in your flash drawings. Both of these techniques will give you a smaller better running flash.

Sirschmoopy responds:

You're machine must be god awful, as is your review.

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Interesting side scroller, could use more speed

Not a bad looking or sounding game. The controls work well, and the look reminds me of a classic NES side-scroller with less pixelation.

I think the game could benefit from a bit faster movement, both walking and jumping. As it is you're kind of trudging along, and the jumps are a bit floaty. Also, minor suggestion, but it'd be good to make the characters clickable on the character select screen. I definitely went to click on their pictures before clicking on their text names.

Fun, but buggy

Neat game, but I'm stuck at the spear throwing challenge. No matter when I throw the spear or where I click, the musclebound guy beats me.

I can tell I'm supposed to throw the spear when the wind is blowing, as that makes my spear go further, but it always lands in the same spot, and the muscle guy's spear always lands at the farthest spot, whether or not the wind is blowing for him or not.

The only things I can click on are the spears, the stones, the place you stand to throw, the place to throw to, and then the muscle guy after I throw. I'm clearly missing something with either the timing of the throw or the place I need to click to make a decent throw, but after spending 20 minutes throwing spears to the exact same spot I just gave up.

Awesome challenge

I do so love a challenging puzzle game. I got as far as 48, where it went to 7 at a time and couldn't take it anymore. I'll definitely be back to beat it, but my analytical brain needs a rest. It think I'll go play an FPS or something =)

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Not bad...

Again, nothing that really caught my ear. A solid piece of electronica, don't get me wrong...but nothing to separate it from the masses.


This one as opposed to your other work seems a bit uninspired. There was nothing that really caught my ear, save the violin passages from GarageBand that I recognized. Needs something a bit more...intriguing.

Not really jungle...

More a touch of ambient techo methinks... In any event not exactly my bag. I don't have any real suggestions to make it better, as it sounds good for what it is, just not a huge fan of that style. Reminds me a bit of Orbital. I have to be in the mood for that sort of thing.

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